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   This INTERNATIONAL, INNOVATIVE and UNIQUE software is about Genetic Evaluation of racing pigeons and Loft Management.

   "Words fly, writing remains" is an old saying very relevant for this. We are a group of fanciers, that together with an expert IT team, designed this software knowing that will help many pigeon fanciers around the world to manage and promote their pigeons and get better racing results overall. Vezi termenii si conditiile

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Main benefits are:

  You can access it from any computer or mobile device without need of installation

  Automatically updates Pigeon Pedigree and the Family Performance Sheet by updating pigeons details and results

  Provides the fanciers with comprehensive reports about race results, pigeons' genetics and breeder's performance;

  It can automatically import results of your pigeons organized by clubs or national federations if this was agreed prior with your regional/national club/federation.

The software is divided into several modules that help the fancier keep a record on:

    Pigeons: divided into compartments: flying team, stock loft, youngsters etc. For each pigeon the user can update details on strain, titles won, prizes, pedigree and details of relatives including ascendants, descendants and collaterals.
    Treatments: this section allows recording routine, preventive and mandatory treatments for each bird individually or for the whole loft
    Competitions and races
    Pigeons for sale, including the capability to share a bird for sale and its pedigree on Facebook with just one click
    Public mini-website for each user/fancier with a brief description about them, their titles and results obtained throughout their career
    Stock pairs formed each year
*We are aware that this application can be improved, therefore we welcome any suggestions or comments.

Innovative Ag. Services Team